Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Some new arrangements, this and that!

Hello friends!
Made these few arrangements today
and they are now in my
Etsy shop if anyone is interested.
I've been keeping busy going through
boxes and totes and taking
many items to the local thrift store
for donation.
This past week has remained cold and windy!
Thankfully today was beautiful and sunny
and the next few days are only going
to be better and 70's by Saturday!
Woohoo, I'll take.
Got some major window washing to do
inside and out and I'm hoping
this will be the weekend to get it done.
Hubby doesn't know it yet but that's the plan
for one of his three days off.

I went out and checked the ground for my tulips
but they are barely poking through.
I'm so anxious for the beautiful colors
of all the spring baskets and such
that the greenhouses are starting to put out.
Will wait another week or two before
picking some up-our nights are still very cold.
Wishing you all a great evening.


  1. Hi Sheila, we are having crazy weather warm one day and then then next couple days chilly and heat back on. Love your wonderful creations, they are always prim perfect. hugs, Lecia

  2. Shelia love your wonderful arrangements.I noticed that several of my flowers are already blooming and I haven't even had time to clean the beds.Hugs,Jen

  3. O my gawd! Not the dreaded window washing! LOL... wears me out thinking about it. Even though I've already started on mine. Doing just a little at a time since I ain't no Spring chick anymore :( Ha ha ha!
    Pretty flowers and cool cans. I'd like to have me a tulip bed too. Been thinking about it, but that's all the further I've gotten. Gonna do it, I swear... hee hee.


  4. SO when your done you can make the trip back to good ole NE and do mine!!!!!! Love all your creations!!!