Saturday, May 4, 2013

Productive Saturday~

I had the day to myself and I finally had some 
energy and accomplished a few things.
I call it a "power surge" but whatever
it was I'm glad it hit me!

Hubby went fishing with two friends from
work to Palisades Reservoir which is
a well known place to fish and camp.
They just went for the day and I was
happy for him that he got out and
did something he enjoys for a change.
Usually we are attached at the hip
and while I love him dearly it's nice
for each of us to have a day apart
from one another.

So I put my time to good use, not having
to be anywhere today.
First I cleaned and organized my craft
room.  I had started a week ago but
never got very far.  Still more to do so 
I'll just call it a WIP and leave it at that.

I did however make this Balloon wreath
for a customer who contacted me a
while ago to make one for her.
I lost count of how many balloons I used
but it was a lot!!!
This is a 18" straw wreath base that
I used two different sized balloons and 
used "S" pins and hot glued them in
little bunches till the entire thing was covered.
This is not to be placed in the direct sun
or it won't last long.  She is using it on the 
inside of her home for family 
members birthday parties.

Also created this cowboy boot floral
arrangement for a local funeral.
The customer that ordered it had
seen the one I did last summer for 
another funeral and tracked me 
down to do this one.

I've started working on fall and Halloween items as
that seems to be one of my busiest and
best sales hasn't even
warmed up yet around here and I'm 
thinking fall already!

Hope you all have a great evening
and peaceful Sunday.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. love love love the boot Sheila.


  2. See how good you are, someone tracked you down for a special order. I love those flowers on with the boot.
    I get those power surges too, but not enough... lol.
    Yes, it is good to have our hubby's enjoy their hobbies. We don't want them referring to us as the "old ball and chain".